12 sep. 2014(金) mixed Mallards on the way to work @ Kamogawa, Kyoto.

females (1-3) and drakes.

12 sep. 2014(金) ducks at the dam @ Ebisu-gawa dam, Kyoto.

2&9; (mixed) Spot-billed Ducks,
3-6; mixed Mallard drake & 7; female,
8; Tufted Duck drake,
10; Eurasian Wigeon female.

12 sep. 2014(金) crows and doves at Go-jo @ Kamogawa Go-jo, Kyoto.

this morning, i arrived at Go-jo a bit later than usual.
the Carrion Crow family #14gojofam and Rock Doves seemed to be waiting for someone.
soon, the someone came and threw to the birds big breakfast - ramen noodle, barbecued pork, tempura and pieces of salmon!!! she must be an owner of diner :D

everwest replied to your photoset “10 sep. 2014(水) Carrion Crow family at Go-jo @ Kamogawa Go-jo,…”

Aw, that photo of mom preening the baby. <3 <3 <3

That’s my favroite of all the family’s pictures! :)))) (The kid might be pampered a bit though XD)