22 aug. 2014 (金) way home @ Kamogawa / Higashi-yama, Kyoto.

mixed Mallards,
Great Cormorants going back to their roost,
Midori-chan and her partner at Dongri-bashi,
sunset sky in the mountain.

22 aug. 2014 (金) birds at Maruta-machi @ Kamogawa Maruta-machi, Kyoto.

White-cheeked Starlings (see 4 starlings drying their wings in the 1st pic? :D),
mixed Mallards and Spot-billed Ducks under the bridge,
an Eurasian Tree Sparrow .
i had seen this sparrow on 11 aug. (bottom pic) and was really happy to see her/him again :)))
s/he looked much better than 11 days before

22 aug. 2014 (金) morning crows @ Kamogawa, Kyoto.

Carrion Crow couples at Sichi-jo, north side of Go-jo and at Dongri-bashi.

….and an angry Little Egret.

22 aug. 2014 (金) way to work @ Kamogawa, Kyoto.

mixed Mallards;
1&2. female
4. females and drakes (and a Little Egret)
7. female
8&10. drakes

Great Egret,
A-Taro the big boy,
Rock Dove.