18 july 2014(金) way home @ Kamogawa/Higashi-yama, Kyoto.

view to the south from Maruta-machi,
mixed Mallard female, Rock Dove and Eurasian Tree Sparrows,
thundering sky, (i expected a shower. but no rain :( )
sunset in the mountain.

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18 july 2014(金) duck families @ Kamogawa, Kyoto.

mum duck (resting on the riverbank) and 3 of her 6 kids (having breakfast) at Oike, #14mrta6iii

Spot-billed Duck mums at Maruta-machi;
with 7 kids in the grass, #14reisen8s
with 8 bigger kids on the river, #14reisen10s.


18 july 2014(金) way to work @ Kamogawa, Kyoto.

mixed Mallard female and couple
Spot-billed Ducks,
Jungle Crow with a-bit-too-long upper beak,
mixed Mallard drake with a broken wing.